Taman Tugu Park

The urban forest park will offer a fresh public green space for the community to use, to enjoy, to experience, to own.

The park is envisaged to be a conservatory – preserving and protecting approximately 5,000 ethnic Malaysian rainforest trees, including endemic species.

Located next to Tugu Negara, the Taman Tugu park comprises walking and running trails, wet and dry play areas for kids, Malaysian eateries, an events space and a learning and innovation centre.

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The Connectors

As part of a broader initiative to stitch the urban fabric of the city, the project includes development of connectors for pedestrians, cyclists and buggies.

These connectors seek to fix the “last-mile-connection” gap between the Kuala Lumpur Sentral railway station, National Muzium, Perdana Botanical Gardens, various cultural and historical sites along the Gardens, National Monument (Tugu Negara), the Taman Tugu park and the River-of-Life stretch in central Kuala Lumpur.

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Khazanah Ilmu

The publicly accessible space located within the site of Taman Tugu is envisaged to cultivate the spirit to Innovate, Learn, Mentor, and Unite within our community.

It will consist of a Rainforest Education Centre, an art gallery, a library with study areas, work areas including maker spaces and purpose built areas for knowledge events such as talks, lectures and dialogues.

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National Public Trust

The trust which has been named Amanah Warisan Negara (“AWAN”), will initially focus on the Taman Tugu park site – to own it and protect it into perpetuity as a public green space.

AWAN will also oversee the professional management and upkeep of the Taman Tugu park.

The longer term objective of AWAN is to potentially undertake more projects that involve the rejuvenation, rehabilitation and operations of selected public spaces.

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The Taman Tugu Project is a multi-component not-for-profit corporate social responsibility (“CSR”) initiative led by Khazanah Nasional Berhad (“Khazanah”) in collaboration with various public sector agencies, private sector companies, and civil society organizations through a Public-Private-Civil Society Partnership.

The Taman Tugu Project scope covers 4 main components with numerous sub-components. These main components are:

1Conservation and activation of an urban forest park, Taman Tugu
2Connecting the surrounding area with pedestrian-friendly walkways
3Development of a public learning and innovation centre which will be known as Khazanah ILMU
4Establishment of a national public trust to own and manage the urban forest park

Whilst a preliminary budget of up to RM650 million was initially earmarked for the project, the current total costing stands at RM540 million based on an ongoing rationalisation and value-engineering of the project components and its associated cost.

The current total of RM540 million comprises RM150 million for sustainability, operations and maintenance; RM40 million for contingencies and taxes; and the balance of RM350 million is spent for all the development and landscaping works.

Notwithstanding the fact that the overall budget has been reduced by more than RM100 million to date, components and costing are continuously reviewed to ensure value, efficiency and relevance of each and every component.

Why the Taman Tugu Project?

Reducing our carbon footprint

Conserving a 66-acre secondary forest; Preserving ~1,000 trees on site; Adding >4,000 new rainforest trees; all in the heart of the city.

Adding to public social-recreational spaces

A new outdoor attraction; free-to-use recreational facilities including > 5km of running and walking trails, children play areas, F&B and events spaces.

Making our city more pedestrian-friendly

Better accessibility across various historical, cultural and recreational sites circa KL Sentral, Taman Botani Perdana and Tugu Negara.

Contributing to continuous learning

A public library, art gallery and program spaces; free-to-attend programs for various age and interest groups; a volunteering platform to teach.

Appreciating our rainforests better

A rainforest education centre within a secondary forest in the city with periodically updated displays, exhibitions and talks.

Encouraging local start-ups

Co-working and maker-spaces along with mentoring programmes provide a platform for start-ups to start out.

Improving places of worship for the community

Enhanced Surau Jumaat and Hindu Temple to replace existing ones which were built decades ago.

Generating up to RM400m per annum for the local economy

This is assuming 10% of tourists to KL stays an extra ½-a-day; this means that the project will pay for itself in less than 2-years.

Taman Tugu Project Timeline


Conceptualisation and approvals

Project launch

Public engagement and rakyat touch points

Urban Forest Park

Identification of nurseries and preparation of trees at nurseries

Construction of structures on park site

Landscaping and forest regeneration on Taman Tugu park site

Preview Forest Trails

Surau-Jumaat Community Area, Hindu Temple and Park Maintenance Office

Campsite and Remaining Forest Trails

Observatory Deck, Café and Retail, Elevated Forest Walk, Lake, Wetland Area, Water Play Area, Parking and F&B Area, and Indoor Events Space


Detailed feasibility studies and identification of exact connector routes and landing points

Construction of connectors

All connectors

Khazanah ILMU

Detailed feasibility studies, architectural design and space planning

Construction of Khazanah ILMU

Landscaping and forest regeneration on Khazanah ILMU site

Khazanah ILMU

National Public Trust

Drafting of Trust Deed

Appointment of Trustees and submission of Trust Deed

Incorporation of Trust

Tabling of National Trust Bill