Khazanah Ilmu

Location of Khazanah ILMU within the park

Khazanah ILMU will be a publicly accessible facility located within the site of the Taman Tugu park. It is aimed at cultivating the spirit to Innovate; Learn; Mentor and; Unite within our community.

Khazanah ILMU is envisaged to be a space to create, innovate, incubate ideas; to gain and exchange knowledge and culture; and to understand and value our ethnic forests species without leaving the boundaries of Kuala Lumpur.

Khazanah ILMU will be located on the north-west section of the Taman Tugu park. It is designed into the sloping hill with minimal impact to the existing terrain and fauna of the site.

It will consist of a Rainforest Education Centre, an art gallery, a library with study areas, work areas including maker spaces and purpose built areas for knowledge events such as talks, lectures and dialogues.

Everyone can find something to do in Khazanah ILMU – from spending time in the various inspirational work and study spaces or exploring projects at the maker spaces to appreciating displays at the art gallery, attending knowledge events or even contributing by volunteering to teach topics that you may be passionate about. The Rainforest Education Centre connects Khazanah ILMU to the rest of the park will serve as a good starting point to learn about the Malaysian Rainforests before setting out into the park to see, feel, touch, smell and hear the forest.

Whilst located within the Taman Tugu park which will be owned and managed by Amanah Warisan Negara; Khazanah ILMU itself will be owned and operated by Khazanah Nasional, either directly or outsourced, as part of its ongoing inclusion and sustainability efforts around knowledge management. Khazanah Nasional will pay a lease to Amanah Warisan Negara for the space within the park which Khazanah ILMU occupies thus providing sustainable income to the trust.