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Tree Giveaway – Replanting at Bukit Gasing

Date: 14 September 2020
Location: Taman Tugu

We have given away 20 indigenous Malaysian forest trees propagated via our Taman Tugu Free Tree Society Nature Education Programme, to the Leo Club of Brickfields Asia College to assist them in their efforts to re-green Bukit Gasing.

The Taman Tugu Free Tree Society Nature Education Programme involves propagating indigenous Malaysian forest trees found at Taman Tugu which are then cared for at Taman Tugu Nursery. These seedlings/ saplings will then be given away to other national forest regeneration or planting programmes as part of our aim to ‘re-green’ Malaysia.

The trees were planted at Bukit Gasing over the weekend. Some of the plant species planted include Yellow Saraca, Camphor, and the national tree, Merbau.

In addition to providing homes and food, planting trees is one of the best ways to drawdown excess carbon from the atmosphere, stabilise and regenerate soil, as well as mitigate floods. According to research, an average tropical tree can sequester a minimum of ~150kg of CO2 per year for a useful life span of 40 years.

Whether you are a school or an organisation involved in a re-greening project, please reach out to us at