Jelawai Mempelam Babi

Jelawai Mempelam Babi

Scientific name: Terminalia phellocarpa
Family name:Combretaceae

Jelawai Mempelam Babi trees in Taman Tugu
The Jelawai Mempelam Babi tree is an indigenous rainforest tree that are amongst the 4,100 trees added to the Taman Tugu site, selected in collaboration with Forest Research Institute of Malaysia (“FRIM”) and Malaysian Nature Society (“MNS”).

Physical Features
The Jelawai Mempelam Babi tree is a medium sized tree which can grow to 20m tall with a fine-leafed crown.
The foliage is spirally arranged and the stalked leaves have almost leathery leaf blades that are oval to drop-shaped. The new leaves have rose-red veins on the undersides of their leaf blades.
Its stalk-less flowers are greenish-white, unpleasant-smelling, and found in 3–4 cm-long shoots at the leaf axils.
The mango-shaped fruits produced are green ripening to golden-yellow, slightly flattened with distinct, curved points.

This tree has medicinal values – a concoction of the roots is taken for boils, while the leaves are applied as poultices at the same time.

These tropical trees grow in swamp forests at low altitude. These trees are native to Malaysia, Singapore, and Sumatra.