Kayu Arang

Kayu Arang

Scientific name: Diospyros malabarica
Family name: Ebenaceae

Kayu Arang trees in Taman Tugu
The Kayu Arang tree is an indigenous rainforest tree which is amongst the 4,100 trees added to the Taman Tugu site. This tree was selected in collaboration with Forest Research Institute of Malaysia (“FRIM”) and Malaysian Nature Society (“MNS”).

Physical Features
The Kayu Arang is a conical shaped tree that has a growth range from 15-35m. The deeply fluted, buttressed dark grey trunk is smooth when young, becoming slightly cracked when it gets older. The bark is blackish in color with oblanceolate stalked leaves that are emerges as pink, gradually turns beige and eventually dark green. The fragrant flowers produced are creamy white. The simple fruits are round with a diameter of 5-7.5cm and when it is unripe it is used to extract tannin for black dye.

The fruits not only can be used for dye, but it is edible when ripe. Morever, the gum extracted from the fruits are used to repair seams as well as bindings and preserving the posterior part of boats. The wood are used for furniture and carpentry.

These tropical trees prefer to grow on lowland forest with nearby streams.
These trees are native trees of Malaysia, but to Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, India and Sri Lanka.