Malayan Holly

Malayan Holly

Scientific name: Ilex cymosa
Family name: Aquifolia

Malayan Holly trees in Taman Tugu
The Malayan Holly tree is an indigenous rainforest tree amongst the 4,100 trees added to the Taman Tugu site, selected in collaboration with Forest Research Institute of Malaysia (“FRIM”) and Malaysian Nature Society (“MNS”).

Physical Features
The tree is a medium-sized evergreen tree that can grow up to 30m tall and 63cm in diameter. The tree bark becomes rougher and fissured as it grows older. The leaves are alternate. The stalked leaves have leaf blades that are oblong or elliptic. The leaves are dark green to green above, pale green with a waxy bloom below. The flowers are small and olive green, greenish-white, or white in colour. The tree produces berries which ripes from red to black.

The wood is used to make fires. The root is used for fever remedies. The leaves are used for sprains relief.

These trees grow in lowland coastal, peat swamp, riverine, mangrove and secondary forests. These trees are native to Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand.