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Bursa & Children from Rumah Shifa @ Taman Tugu

Date: 28 October 2018
Location: Taman Tugu Nursery

Bursa Malaysia’s Corporate Strategy (“Bursa”) team and children from Rumah Shifa spent their Sunday morning assisting us to create a rainforest.

Prior to this, the children gifted us with some of the plants they grew at Rumah Shifa. These plants are currently being acclimatised at the nursery and may eventually be planted in the forest.

The session started with a briefing on the Taman Tugu Project and a quick introduction about nature. The children along with the Bursa team were then taken for a guided trail walk, after which, they got their hands dirty by planting the forest cover. The forest cover is needed to further balance the ecosystem and stabilise the ground by holding the soil, which prevents erosion.

The session ended with a short quiz and lunch. Before leaving, one of the children asked a profound question which took us by surprise – “If forests are so important to humans, why do we cut trees?”

Exposure to nature is important to instill a sense of caring for our environment.

We hope that sessions like these will create a platform for children to be exposed to nature and value it. These efforts are for them and we hope that by getting them to spend more time with nature, it will make them guardians of it.

We would like to express our heartiest gratitude to the children from Rumah Shifa and Bursa Corporate Strategy team for their hard work and donation in support of the conservation and preservation of Taman Tugu and nature.

If you are interested to participate in volunteering activities for the project, please email us at