Current Updates

Engagement Sessions and Insights from Surveys

The Taman Tugu Project engagement sessions commenced on Friday, September 9 with an open dialogue led by Khazanah Nasional Berhad’s Managing Director Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar. Since then, we’ve conducted more than 30 engagement sessions – encompassing open dialogues and closed discussions with special interest groups such as environmental NGOs, architect and landscape associations, running and cycling communities, tourism councils, educational institutions, government ministries as well as with Members of Parliament. We also held ‘Rakyat Touch Points’ at various shopping malls and LRT stations where we set up engagement booths were set up to ensure we were able to reach out to the general public.

The engagement sessions were meant to provide better clarity on the project and its key components – the park, connectors, learning and innovation centre and the establishment of the public trust. At the same time, Khazanah Nasional also encouraged feedback via surveys conducted at ‘Rakyat Touch Points’ as well as online on Taman Tugu Project’s website –

We are heartened by all the positive and constructive feedback we received throughout the engagement sessions. Not only were the general public, civil society, private sector and various stakeholders enthusiastic about sharing their ideas, they were also keen to share their time, skills and expertise to collaborate on various aspects of the park. The survey which ran from September to November 2016 garnered close to 2,000 responses .

Some of the key insights from the survey are:

  • Security, maintenance, cleanliness must be ensured at all times into the future
  • The site of Taman Tugu to remain as natural and green as possible with amenities such as parking and F&B areas included as necessary
  • Local cuisine was the preferred choice with top picks including nasi lemak, char kuey teow and roti canai
  • Some action outdoor activities such as zip-lines and flying fox will be good but should be confined to only a small section of the park
  • Give priority to walking/running trails and accessibility for the disabled and visitors of all ages
  • Make plans to activate the park through arts and cultural events as well as nature tours
  • Provide highly informative interpretation signage and wayfinding throughout the park to enhance the park experience
  • Maximize accessibility to the Taman Tugu Project sites via public transportation, bicycles or on foot
  • Minimize covered walkways and emphasize naturally shaded pedestrian linkages to and within the site
  • Involve the community in the rehabilitation of the site and to consider establishing a “Friends of Taman Tugu” community group that can facilitate volunteer programmes for those interested to get involved

While the scheduled engagement sessions and surveys have been closed, we will continue to engage and collaborate with the general public, civil society, private sector and various stakeholders in delivering this project. We continue to welcome feedback and input through the contact form found on our website.