Current Updates

Friday Weekly Walk with Friends of Bukit Kiara

Briefing Session @ Project Site Office
Taman Tugu Nursery
Forest Trail Tour & Planting of Merbau Tree

Date: 6 July 2018

This week we hosted Friends of Bukit Kiara (FoBK) for our weekly walk.

The session began with a briefing at the project site office followed by a tour of the Taman Tugu nursery and forest trails. We brought FoBK members on a longer route as they were decked out in their trekking gear and full of energy and excitement when they arrived.

At the end of the forest trail tour, members of FoBK left a permanent green footprint in Taman Tugu by the planting a young Merbau tree measuring about 1.5 metres tall.

FoBK members were glad to see the wide variety of flora in Taman Tugu and the effort put in place to protect these plants. We also received feedback on the project and gathered some great suggestions and ideas for the forest trails.

We would like to thank FoBK for their time and support.

If you are interested in joining us for a weekly walk or would like to participate in volunteering activities for the project, please email us at