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Friday Weekly Walk with Think City

Briefing session for Think City team @ Project Site Office
Taman Tugu Nursery Tour
Forest Trail Tour
Date: 8 June 2018

We hosted our first Friday Weekly Walk with Think City today in continuous efforts to engage with the community.

Think City is a strategic partner of the Taman Tugu Project who has helped with various engagement exercises and continue to provide input based on their experience in the development and activation of pocket parks across Malaysia. For more information about Think City please visit

The session started with an in-depth briefing session at the project site office followed by a tour of the Taman Tugu nursery and the forest trail. Taman Tugu Project’s landscape contractor, Rayman from Forest House Sdn Bhd (“FHSB”) explained to the team the efforts taken to discover and create the forest trails, and detailed the various species of flora and fauna that can be found within the park. The Think City team were awed by some of the beautiful giant trees they saw at the forest trail. They expressed their excitement for the opening of the forest trails to the public by Q3 this year and are looking forward to bring their friends and family for a walk at the trails.

This forest trail walk is organised every Friday. If you are interested in joining our Friday Weekly Walk or would like to participate in volunteering activities for the project, please email us at