Current Updates

Improving Traffic Management at Tugu Negara

Current: Busses taking up a whole lane, constricting traffic
To be: Phase 1 – Tugu Negara Bus Parking Plaza (Illustration)
To be: Phase 2 – Tugu Negara Pedestrian Plaza Connecting Tugu Negara to Taman Tugu (Illustration)

Date: 19 June 2018

The Taman Tugu Project comprises of 4 components, that are:

  1. Urban Forest Park: Conservation and activation of a 66-acre urban forest park, Taman Tugu
  2. Connectors: Connecting the surrounding area with pedestrian-friendly walkways
  3. Khazanah ILMU: Development of a public learning and innovation centre
  4. Trust: Establishment of a national public trust to own and manage the 66-acre urban forest park including operations, maintenance, partnerships, and community development up to 2030

The connectors are a key component in further activating the Taman Tugu park and its surrounding areas. It is also part of a broader initiative to stitch the urban fabric of the city, making it more pedestrian friendly and consequently improve traffic management.

One of the initiatives under the Connectors component is to improve the vehicular and pedestrian circulation around Tugu Negara (National Monument).

While Tugu Negara and the immediate surrounding area are not part of the Taman Tugu Project, we recognise that it is a significant historical landmark that is located next to Taman Tugu. Hence, we feel that as part of the project, we must assist in managing the congestion around Tugu Negara as well as to ease accessibility and improve connectivity for both motorists and pedestrians to the National Monument and Taman Tugu.

On an average day, there are more than 20 tour busses ferrying tourists to visit Tugu Negara and there are approximately 1 million tourists that visit the National Monument annually. Given the high rate of tourist arrivals, traffic in the area can get congested especially during peak season.

We’ve worked with the Taman Tugu Project master planner and landscape architect to design a plaza that will be able to improve this situation. The revamped design will include dedicated bus parking spaces, pedestrian plaza, and landscape features that complement Taman Tugu.

The construction of the plaza will also better connect Tugu Negara to Taman Tugu and eventually to Taman Botani Perdana (Perdana Botanical Garden/ Lake Gardens).

We are looking forward to bringing this design to live and hope everyone will benefit from it.