Current Updates

Interim Status Update

Date: 1 June 2018

The The Taman Tugu Project is a multi-component not-for-profit corporate social responsibility (“CSR”) initiative led by Khazanah Nasional Berhad (“Khazanah”) in collaboration with various public sector agencies, private sector companies, and civil society organizations through a Public-Private-Civil Society Partnership.

The project covers the following four (4) components:

Component Estimated Completion Date
Component 1: Taman Tugu
Conservation and activation of a 66-acre urban forest park
In phases, with the first phase by Q3 2018 and overall park by Q4 2019
Component 2: Connectors
Connecting the surrounding area with pedestrian-friendly walkways
By Q4 2019
Component 3: Khazanah ILMU
Development of a public learning and innovation centre which will be known as Khazanah ILMU
BY Q3 2020
Component 4: National Heritage Trust
Establishment of a national public trust to own and manage the 66-acre urban forest park including operations, maintenance, partnerships, and community development up to 2030

With regards to Component 1: Taman Tugu, it will be completed in two phases, with Phase 1 targeted to be completed by Q3 2018 and Phase 2, the overall park, by Q4 2019.

The Phase 1 Taman Tugu deliverables comprise:

  • Forest Trails: to be completed by September 2018
  • Forest Park: to be completed by September 2018
  • Surau-Jumaat Community Area: to be completed by Q4 2018 (delayed)
  • Hindu Temple and Park Maintenance Office: to be completed by Q4 2018 (delayed)

By September 2018, approximately 15 acres of the forest and about 1.5kms of the forest trails and entrances will be completed and opened to the public. This will provide a preview of what’s to come when the overall park is completed by end 2019 – whereby there will be a total of more than 4kms of the forest trails and about 30 acres of forest area with a 5-acre campsite area, as well as the ‘urban’ side of the park which comprises the Observatory Deck, Cafe and Retail, Elevated Forest Walk, Lake, Wetland Area, Water Play Area, Lakeside F&B and Parking, and Events Space.

As part of developing the park, about 1,000 trees have been identified and tagged by FRIM which are healthy ethnic Malaysian rainforest trees that cannot be removed from their current locations. In addition to this, more than 4,000 ethnic Malaysian rainforest trees, some of which are endangered, are currently being planted in the forest. As of now, more than 600 of these trees have been planted.

The video below shows the process taken to preserve and conserve the forest as well as the works currently being done to create the forest trails and to plant the 4,000 over trees.


Before works commenced

Current works in progress