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Knowledge Sharing Session with Jabatan Landskap Negara

Date: 21 March 2018
Venue: Jabatan Landskap Negara Office

Jabatan Landskap Negara (“JLN”) invited us for an info sharing session with regards to the set-up of the National Public Trust, Amanah Warisan Negara (“AWAN”), and the development of the National Trust Act (“NTA”) – i.e. a new Act to govern AWAN.

The meeting, chaired by Puan Hajjah Rotina Binti Mohd Daik, JLN’s Deputy Director General (Development), was also attended by various departments under JLN such as the Public Park Division, Federal Parks Division, and JLN’s Policy and Legislation Team.

Since their inception in 1996, JLN has played an active role in driving the direction of landscape development and the implementation of new laws with regards to park building and development.

AWAN and the NTA are seen as exemplary efforts to help perverse the Nation’s Public Green spaces into perpetuity. JLN’s main objective for the meeting was to draw upon the knowledge and experience we gained on the establishment of AWAN and the development of the NTA to better preserve the many parks currently being managed by JLN, as well as their future park development.

This was also a platform for us to explore how we can further collaborate with JLN to leverage their extensive experience.

We are very delighted to work and collaborate with other governmental departments who want to ensure a better Malaysia. We are ready to work with JLN in any way possible moving forward to achieve their goals to preserve our Nation’s public green spaces.

Knowledge sharing efforts and collaborations like these are absolutely necessary to ensure success in efforts to better the nation.