Current Updates

Ongoing Public Engagements

Date: 19 & 21 September 2017
Venue: Mercu UEM

The Taman Tugu Project team held three separate discussions over a 2-day period with the following organisations/ associations:

  1. Taman Tun Resident’s Association (TTRA) and Friends of Bukit Kiara (FoBK)
  2. Badan Warisan Malaysia (BWM)
  3. Malaysian Environmental NGOs (MENGO)

During each session, the concept and layout of the Taman Tugu park was explained in detail, as well as the set-up of the Trust, Amanah Warisan Negara, including the long-term plans and objective(s) of the Trust.

Feedback was well received from all parties and the discussions then led to possible ways the various organisations/ associations can work with the Taman Tugu Project team and vice versa.

Engagements like these contribute towards better shaping the Taman Tugu park as well as other aspects of the overall Taman Tugu Project, to exchange ideas and better collaborate in conserving our environment and public spaces. More discussions will be held with other organisations to ensure inclusivity in developing the park and other elements of the overall project – please do reach out to us if you would like to have a chat.