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The Pico Group (“Pico”) @ Taman Tugu

Date: 14 December 2018
Location: Taman Tugu

As part of Pico Group’s (“Pico”) annual 3-day conference, more than 200 senior executives from Pico assisted us in commencing the forest conservation and regeneration programme in the Phase 3 trails, which are targeted to be completed by end 2019/ early 2020.

14 trees, all of which are more than 2 m tall, and more than 200 forest covers were planted in approximately 2,000 sq ft of brown field. This is part of our efforts to conserve more than 5,000 indigenous Malaysian forest trees at Taman Tugu, of which, more than 1,000 trees are considered endangered or critically endangered on the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List.

To further inculcate a sense of teamwork among their colleagues, they divided themselves into groups and had a planting competition among the groups.

Group 3 won due to the team coordination and efficiency even though the group members had not worked with each other before.

Although they have not had much experience in digging deep holes to plant big trees, the group from Pico skillfully performed their tasks in less than 30 mins.

After the activity, they were taken on a guided walk to the Taman Tugu Nursery via the Phase 1 and Phase 2 trails which are already opened to the public.

We hope to continue hosting such sessions such as these to instill a sense of ownership and care towards the environment and nature. We also want to act as a platform where people can be exposed to nature and understand the effort needed to conserve our green spaces, without the use of any heavy machinery. These efforts are for the general public and we hope that by getting them to spend more time with nature, it will make them guardians of it.

We would like to express our heartiest gratitude to the Pico team for their hard work and donation in support of the conservation, regeneration, and preservation of Taman Tugu and nature.

If you are interested to participate in volunteering activities for the project, please email us at