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Planting Activity at Taman Tugu #2

Date: 11 August 2018
Location: Taman Tugu Nursery

As part of their corporate social responsibility (“CSR”) initiative, PwC Malaysia’s Risk Consulting team planted 12 trees between 3 – 8 metres along the Taman Tugu Project’s new trails that will be opened to public in September this year. In addition to the 19 members from PwC Malaysia Risk Consulting team, 1,010 people have now contributed towards the Taman Tugu Project.

This is the first planting activity where trees taller than 2 metres and fruit trees were planted by our guests. Some of the fruit trees planted include the King of Fruits, the durian tree (Scientific name: Durio lawianus from the Malvaceae family) and the rambutan tree (Scientific name: Nephelium lappaceum from the Sapindaceae family).

It took an activity like this for the team to understand how laborious it is to plant trees in efforts to preserve and conserve green spaces. From this activity too, they realized how important team work is.

The Risk Consulting team from PwC Malaysia had a very memorable experience and they are eagerly looking forward to the opening of Taman Tugu.

It was our great pleasure to host the Risk Consulting team from PwC Malaysia and we are extremely grateful for all their hard work in preserving and conserving Taman Tugu.

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