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Prayers @ Hindu Temple Site


Date: 18 April 2018
Venue: Taman Tugu Hindu Temple Site and Khazanah ILMU Bungalow

The joint Hindu Temple Committee – consisting of representatives from the existing temples – came together to conduct to conduct a Puja prayer ritual to commemorate and bless the building of the new Taman Tugu Hindu temple.

The ceremony took place under a make-shift tent, provided by the contractors, near the location where the new Hindu temple will be built. The purpose of the Puja ritual is to bless the site with peace and protection. The ceremony, which lasted for approximately 2 hours, consists of the recital of Hindu prayers and the blessing of the four corners of the new Hindu temple footprint. The ceremony ended with a procession carrying the blessed foundation bricks which were then buried at the location of where the main deity of the new Hindu temple will be at. Regular devotees of the existing Hindu temples/ shrines attended this auspicious ceremony.

The ceremony was then followed by luncheon prepared by the Taman Tugu team served at the Khazanah ILMU Bungalow.