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PwC FS Team @ Taman Tugu

Date: 24 November 2018
Location: Khazanah ILMU Bungalow

The PwC Financial Services (“FS”) team spent their Saturday morning assisting us in cleaning and planting forest covers in the Phase 2 trails which will be opened to the public in December this year.

The session started with a briefing about the Taman Tugu Project after which we took the team for a guided walk along the Phase 2 trails. During the walk, the team collected rubbish along and around the trails. The Taman Tugu site became an illegal dumping ground when the site was abandoned in the 1980s.

When creating the Phase 1 trails, which is opened to the public, we cleared more than 100 truckloads of rubbish consisting of construction debris, household rubbish and even needles believed to have been left by substance abusers who frequented the site.

Now, as we are in the process of creating the Phase 2 trails, we have cleared more than 20 truckloads of rubbish. However there is still more clearing to be done – the PwC FS team cleared more than 10 gunny bags full of rubbish in less than an hour during their walk along Phase 2 trails.

After the 2km walk, the team planted forest covers along some parts of the trail. The forest cover is needed to further balance the ecosystem and stabilise the ground by holding the soil thus curbing erosion as well as absorbing excess water to prevent the trails from being muddy.

The session ended with a picnic lunch in the Forest House at Taman Tugu Nursery.

The PwC FS team felt fulfilled as they could witness the impact they made even in the short period of time. They mentioned that they would like to volunteer every quarter to assist in maintaining Taman Tugu.

We hope that sessions like these will create a sense of ownership and care towards Taman Tugu and other green spaces and act as a platform for people to be exposed to nature and value it. These efforts are for them and we hope that by getting them to spend more time with nature, it will make them guardians of it.

We would like to express our heartiest gratitude to the PwC FS team for their hard work and donation in support of the conservation and preservation of Taman Tugu and nature.

If you are interested to participate in volunteering activities for the project, please email us at