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Signing of MOU with JAWI, MAIWP and the Surau Community

Madrasah Bustanul Ulum
MOU Signing Session
To-be Surau Jumaat

Date: 7 December 2017
Venue: Jabatan Agama Islam Wilayah Persekutuan (“JAWI”) Office

Today, the 4th Memorandum of Understanding (“MoU”) was signed with JAWI, Majlis Agama Islam Wilayah Persekutuan (“MAIWP”) and the members from the Madrasah Bustanul Ulum (“MBU”) community.

MBU is located within the Taman Tugu site where we intend to develop the park. In keeping with our commitment of not displacing the current residents of the site – that is the community of MBU – we engaged JAWI, MAIWP and the community collectively to obtain their blessing to design and build a new and bigger Surau Jumaat which will replace MBU. The construction of the new Surau Jumaat has started. It will be located at the outskirts of the park, in the North Eastern region.

We facilitated several designing discussions among the architects, JAWI, MAIWP and the members of the committee. This is to ensure communities contribute towards the Taman Tugu Project and to instill a sense of ownership in all of us. In signing the MoU, we pledged to build the new Surau Jumaat to replace MBU and the opposite party pledged to maintain and manage the new Surau Jumaat whilst ensuring it meets the standards of the park management. Additionally, JAWI and MAIWP pledged for the new Surau Jumaat to be owned by the Trust, Amanah Warisan Negara (“AWAN”).

Upon completion of the Surau Jumaat, JAWI, MAIWP and the community of MBU will eventually sign a definitive agreement with the Trust, Amanah Warisan Negara (“AWAN”).

Please note Madrasah Bustanul Ulum will continue to be in use until the newly built Surau Jumaat is up and running. Target completion of the Surau Jumaat is Merdeka 2018.