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Taman Tugu Free Tree Society (“FTS”) Nature Education Programme Launch

Date: 19 February 2019
Location: Taman Tugu

We formalised our collaboration with FTS for the Taman Tugu FTS Nature Education Programme.

FTS is an environmental organisation that spreads the environmental stewardship message through giving away trees for free to green our Earth. Since 2013, FTS has given away over 30,000 plants to homeowners, schools, marginalised groups, community gardens and wildlife habitats to proliferate planting, to encourage biodiversity and to promote a love of nature.

Under the umbrella of environmental stewardship and environmental awareness, waste management, rainwater harvesting, gardening, and biodiversity are some of the topics that FTS regularly engages with visitors and volunteers.

The Taman Tugu FTS Nature Education Programme is an outdoor classroom focusing on environmental awareness and education. The activities are hands-on and participants will learn about waste management, rainwater harvesting, propagation, gardening, and biodiversity.

The aim of this programme is to instil a sense of ownership and care towards the environment and nature and act as a platform for people to be exposed to nature and further understand our ecosystem and how we are all connected. These efforts are for the general public and we hope that by getting them to spend more time with nature, it will make them guardians of it.

These sessions are open to the members of the public every Saturday afternoons starting from April.

There will also sessions reserved for schools and organisations.

This programme is part of the Earth School @ Taman Tugu, which includes other programmes such as the Taman Tugu Global Environment Centre River Care Programme, and other collaborations with Ecocentric Transitions, Tatana Roots, and Ecoknights. We are looking to establish more collaborations for programmes as part of the Earth School @ Taman Tugu.

Please follow Friends of Taman Tugu on Facebook or Instagram for the latest updates on the Taman Tugu FTS Nature Education Programme. If you would like to organise a private session, please email us at

Additionally, if you would like to be part of the Earth School @ Taman Tugu, please email us at

We would like to express our heartiest gratitude to FTS for this collaboration.