Be a Volunteer

Taman Tugu Project is looking for volunteers to assist us during our events and activities which takes place mostly on weekends but occasionally on weekdays and/or public holidays.

Come be a Taman Tugu Volunteer, sign up now!

What we look for in a Volunteer….

  • Enthusiasm
  • Time
  • Ability to work weekdays, weekends and/or public holidays
  • Able to converse in English and Bahasa Malaysia
  • Enjoys nature and trail walks
  • Believes in preserving and conserving the environment
  • Any knowledge of Malaysian forest trees / birds / animals is an added benefit

Why volunteer ?

  • Learn new skills
  • Gain real-world experience
  • Make a difference
  • Give back to a cause you believe in
  • Make new friends
  • Get inspired
  • It’s fun

Hurry and sign up here to be volunteer. We will be in touch with the upcoming training dates. Should you have any enquiries or require more information, please email us