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Taman Tugu’s First Aiders

Date: 12 & 13 February 2019
Location: Khazanah ILMU Bungalow

The Taman Tugu team participated in a 2-day First Aid training conducted by Mr. Devan Naidu from the Red Crescent Society.

The training included theory lessons followed by practical training. The practical training included CPR training, first aid bandaging,  response to various emergency scenarios such as snake bites, fainting, amongst others. The practical training also included a simulation exercise of real-life scenarios.

The 2-day training ended with theory and practical examinations. The Taman Tugu team passed the examination and each team member will receive a First Aid Certificate from Red Crescent.

The team underwent the training to improve Taman Tugu’s safety and security measures within the park and to ensure the team is well equipped with basic skills and knowledge to appropriately provide first response and secure professional help in the event of an emergency. In addition to the training, the team developed emergency first response and procedures to ensure safety and security for all visitors of Taman Tugu. The emergency contact numbers include:








Thank you so much for your support towards Taman Tugu and the Taman Tugu Project. The Taman Tugu team is committed to ensuring all of you have an amazing and safe experience here at Taman Tugu.

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