Minyak Berok

Minyak Berok

Scientific name: Xanthophyllum griffithii
Family name: Polygalaceae

Minyak Berok trees in Taman Tugu
Minyak Berok tree is an indigenous rainforest tree amongst the 4,100 trees added to the Taman Tugu site, selected in collaboration with Forest Research Institute of Malaysia (“FRIM”) and Malaysian Nature Society (“MNS”).

Physical Features
It is a medium-sized evergreen tree that can grow up to 27m tall. The tree bark is smooth and grayish-brown colored with dark-brown branches. The leaves are simple and alternately arranged which are lanceolate to narrow ovate-elliptic measuring about 8-15cm long and 3-6cm wide with dark green glabrous above and paler glaucous beneath. Its flowering shoots are mostly branched and up to 10cm long. Its stalked flowers have white petals with a yellow spot each. Fruit is single seeded indehiscent drupes with ovoid-globose, about the size of a pea. It is fleshy and becomes woody or coriaceous when dry.

The tree is harvested for its timber which are used in construction and furniture production.

These trees can be found in the tropical and evergreen forest of Malaysia and Singapore.